A Prayer to St. Margaret of Scotland, Patroness of Mothers & Learning

"When [Margaret] spoke, her conversation was with the salt of wisdom. When she was silent, her silence was filled with good thoughts. So thoroughly did her outward bearing correspond with the staidness of her character that it seemed as if she has been born the pattern of a virtuous life" (Turgot, St. Margaret's confessor).

God provides us with another wonderful example of a Catholic life to model with St. Margaret. She is the Patroness of Mothers, large families, learning and was able to elevate those around her to greater faith and reform. She thought of others and was especially generous to the poor. A beautiful pictorial of her life can be found at this blog.

St. Margaret of Scotland holds a spot in our hearts and lives. In a parish bearing her name, 2 of my oldest children received their First Holy Communions. There, my two "littles" were baptized. Today, on her feast day, I ask for her intercession of prayers before the Face of God. 

Dear Saint Margaret of Scotland pray for us 
to be generous to the needy, 
to be zealous reformers and teachers of the Roman Catholic faith,
to speak with the "salt of wisdom,"
to be "filled with good thoughts,"
so that we can become "a pattern of a virtuous life" to those around us.


Patty said...

Oh! We were just speaking of her yesterday. Today is one of my daughter's baptismal birthdays and we were inquiring which saint she shares the date with. I'll have to read her what you wrote. We were hoping to add more feast days or saintly knowledge to our liturgy at home. Aren't we blessed to have so many saintly friends that it is hard to keep up with them all? I love being Catholic!

Amy Caroline said...

She is a saint that has called to me many times. She has a special place in my heart.

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