Fall Photos & Quotes

And so, we're goofing off.

I haven't called the kids in from "recess."  It's too beautiful.  I took photos and the "littles" are still playing in the autumnal sunshine.

It's not a water color...it's the perfect light on a gorgeous day.

And so, we're celebrating today.  The school kids in the neighborhood have a half-day and uncharacteristically I am following their lead.

Because we learn in nature...we learn in play.

God made it so.

And when we come back to the table... and when we look at our poetry... we might better see how beautiful words sometimes do capture and enhance what our heart experiences.

And we move past the window and into the light...understanding and appreciating.


Jenny said...

Lovely! It looks nothing like that down here on the Plains. We have our own beauty I'm sure, but wow! Your photos do Autumn justice.

Mom2Seven said...

Simply beautiful! Happy fall! +JMJ+

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