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Teaching Values to Your Children This talk offers ideas and suggestions on how parents can help children’s all-around development. It discusses which virtues to focus on at a particular age in a child’s development.
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Your example is what forms your child.  Yet, God gave each of us a temperament. Knowledge of self leads to self-discipline.  

Birth to age of reason - Teach obedience, sincerity, order

Throughout our entire life we are always under authority.  Make consistency a priority when giving consequences, follow-thru. 

Sincerity - Be simple and straight forward. Teach them what truth really is. What  is important, what isn't? Parents can't stretch the truth.  Our children see us and hear us. Admit when you make a mistake.

Order - Teach structure, clean, tidy.  Post pictures of what it should look like for them to follow.  A rule of life, what's acceptable. Clean up after yourself.

Eight to Twelve - Fortitude, justice, charity

Doing things for others. Help others. Overcoming obstacles, goal-setting...a duty to improve ourselves.  Be able to say, "I've improved in this area."

Fortitude - The courage to do the little things.  Bless yourself in a restaurant. Don't like the food...offer it for poor sould in purgatory.  Overcome fears, coping skills. Being cheerful for others.

Charity - hold your tongue. Sitcoms solve problems in 23 minutes, real life requires patience. 

Justice - finish what you start, support each other with kindness, 

13 - 15 

Remove negative influences, protect. Hate the sin, love the sinner.  Control their passions. Appropriate sharing on internet.  Glorifying God.  Sexual education. Social skills - listening skills. 

16 - 18

Flexibility - humility - optimism - prudence

Mrs. Hammond ran out of time but will have a book coming out on this topic...At Home With The Faith.    I need to learn to take notes FASTER! But, she is on Facebook if you have questions.
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Mrs. Colleen Hammond is the author of Dressing with Dignity, and was a former On-Camera Meteorologist for The Weather Channel, a model, actress and Miss Michigan National Teen-Ager. Colleen lived the “American Dream” and found it to be a nightmare! While working in television, she reverted to the Catholic Faith. The moment their first baby was born, Colleen “saw the light” and abandoned her highly successful career in television to become a stay-at-home-mother. Currently heard as a host of “St. Joseph Radio Presents”—available to 85 million people worldwide on WEWN—Colleen has also been asked to host a television talk show in Dallas, which may soon be syndicated. 

Colleen is an award-winning writer, radio and television talk show host, educator, comedienne, and mother—all rolled into one! Acclaimed for her versatility, she delivers an enduring message filled with down-to-earth wisdom, inspiration, and humor. Colleen brings a fresh and creative approach to living joyfully, and has helped thousands of people every year to make positive and virtuous changes in their lives.A frequent speaker at conferences, retreats, and parish events, Colleen addresses such timely issues as marriage, children, family, and values and virtues. Groups appreciate her real-life solutions to tough problems—presented with compassion, warmth, and a lively interactive style.

Colleen, her husband, and their four children currently reside in North Texas.

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