#QueenofMay Pope Francis on Mary, A Mother That Teaches...

In my lifetime the three Popes I have memory of, Blessed JPII, Pope Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis all have (had) a stunning and inspiring devotion to Mary.

Says something.

She leads.  She inspires. She teaches.

Dear Blessed Mother, first Catholic homeschooling mother, teach me to "always be full of goodness, joy and hope."


Jamie Jo said...

You want to know something sad? Our current Bishop (who is retiring, they are in the process of looking for another), does not allow young seminarians who have a strong devotion to Mary. So so sad. A few of the young ones have sneaked through though. I think they have learned how to avoid that in our diocese. Can't wait til we get a new Bishop!

Beautiful post Allison, love that image you posted.

Just One Handful said...

How can that be? What better way to the Father than through the Mother? :)

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