Catholic Symbolism In The Cinco De Mayo Pinata

You can use a Pinata to teach the Catholic Faith!

Marco Polo first wrote about Pinatas after his trip to China. They were filled with seed and after breaking they were burned and the ashes were sprinkled, representing good fortune throughout the year.

In Italy Pingnatta means "fragile pot" and 14th century Europeans claimed this activity for Lent and the custom spread to Spain. When Spanish missionaries came to Mexico, they found that the Aztecs had their own pot of tiny treasures for their god. The treasures, when broken from the pot and fell to the feet of the warrior god. Catholic priests used this to help teach them the faith.

Today, a traditional Pinata has 7 points with streamers trailing from each point and they represent the 7 deadly sins!

Envy  -  Gluttony  -  Greed  -  Lust  -  Pride  -  Sloth  -  Wrath

The ten pointed pinata symbolizes the sins that come from breaking the ten commandments.

Here comes some interesting symbolism. Before attempting to hit the pinata, the person must cover his eyes, symbolically to protect himself from being enticed by the pinata. The blindfolded one represented FAITH and in striking the Pinata SIN was attacked.  Everyone looks up at the pinata dangling as a Godly prize from heaven. The stick represents virtue and the reward is received for keeping the faith.   After hitting the pinata, the person must make a resolution or resolutions.


I'd like to see someone clever create a Margarita version of this, for adults!


Jamie Jo said...

How interesting! Of course there is symbolism behind it...thanks for sharing it with us!

Love what you did to the pictures, how did you do that?

Allison said...

Jamie Jo, I did it at and another friend asked me about it a while back for another photos and I made her a little tutorial. You can watch it at

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