Fr. Ronan Murphy on The Rosary: The Devotion for our Times - CHAPLET Conference

The well-organized C.H.A.P.L.E.T. Catholic homeschool conference at Mater Ecclesiae Church in NJ was another occasion for me to hear Father Ronan Murphy. He is always compelling and dynamic, a courageous priest.

Father spoke on the topic of "The Rosary: The Devotion for Our Times." He began with an impassioned retelling of the Fatima history and apparition. My notes from his talk, taken while listening are below.

* There is NO problem that can't be solved with the prayer of the rosary.

* After the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the rosary is the greatest transforming power in universe.

* Fr. Peyton said that a world at prayer would equal a world at peace and Bl. JPII said that by its very nature the rosary is a prayer of peace.

* At the Fatima apparition Our Lady asked 6x that we pray the rosary daily. There are promises for those that do so. And, this blog post from 2010 on how praying the rosary only takes 2% of your day -

* The Rosary will help you live out your baptismal promises.

* Padre Pio called the rosary his weapon.

* While Padre Pio prayed 36 of them all day long, he said it is not about #'s but about devotion of the individual. Pray one well...slowly... better than many in haste.

* Being holy is not just avoiding sins and the rosary can destroy vice and decrease sin. Our 3 mortal enemies are (1) the devil (2) the flesh and (3) the world.

* You go to the doctor when you are sick for healing medicine. A priest is the doctor of the soul for moral sickness. His antidote, prescription to those who come to him for spiritual direction and confession is to pray the rosary, daily.

* Sin is saying "no" to God ... and yes to self.

* The rosary is the Bible on a string. It catechizes using scripture. 
It's the chain that binds satan.

More posts on The Rosary  and the CHAPLET site, linked at the top, will post a video of this talk.

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