People Behaving Badly

2:33 PM
There's been a painting of a broad and also unfair stroke across the board with our new Holy Father and with those who criticize him.

Our Holy Father would be the first to say - FORGIVE.  Be like Christ. John 13:34 "A new commandment I give unto you: That you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another."

Yet a demonizing of "Traditionalists" is happening. Not everyone who loves the Latin Mass is against our new Pope....that too is irresponsible and sensationalist!!  On Facebook, Twitter and blogs people are saying the "Traditionalists" are spewing vitriol they spit vitriol back, no better!

What's true is that people who behave badly are behaving badly.
May God soften their hearts. 

Beyond the love of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the love for Christ.  We want to act like Christ. The world is watching, more importantly God is watching. Tearing at each other doesn't build up the body of Christ.

Generalizations only make things worse. 

God bless Pope Francis!


Nancy Shuman said...

Wonderful post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused.. why do Traditionalists & Latin Mass lovers supposedly not like our new Pope? (I'm a new Catholic & still uncertain about some things - this being one of them!)

Allison said...

Thanks, as always, Nancy.

Dear, Anonymous, I pray for you to stay confused...unknowing of how we Catholics fail each other. Sometimes we do.

All uncharitability, when it's reactionary is usually based on fear and doubt. Because the Traditional Latin Mass was withheld for so long and our Pope Emeritus liberated it with Summorum Pontificum, there are those who worry...who fear...that it might be taken away or not be supported by a new Holy Father. Rather than pray, hope, sacrifice and trust that a generous Father would not undue what his predecessor found SO CRITICAL to give, some have been inappropriate and unkind before knowing Pope Francis. Even what he has been before might change once he is Pope. We've seen that before.

Sadly their bad behavior is being mirrored in those that generalize that all "trads" are bad and angry and bitter and unsupportive of the New Pope. By that thinking, IF a Pope had been elected that made some wonder if he'd abolish the Novus Ordo Mass would it then be fair to characterize anyone who complained as Novus Ordo-ers or whatever? No. My point is that at some point People...JUST PEOPLE behave badly...react in fear.

Let none of this affect you...we are all sinners. For my part, I will try to live John 13:34 to love one another in response to this cross....keeping close to the Truth of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, of which the gates of hell will not prevail.

This papacy is already giving me reasons to live a better life of faith. God provides...

Valerie said...

Beautiful, Allison! Like, Anonymous, I too sort of didn't understand so I appreciate your candidness...and this coming from a cradle Catholic. I can't remember if I ever shared with you my interest in experiencing a Latin Mass...when I proposed it to some friends, the idea was immediately dismissed with disdain. So sad. I didn't even realize that there was any fallout...although I did hear a caller on Catholic radio express fear and trepidation over the fact that Pope Francis is a Jesuit. Of course, I grew up in St. Louis where lots of Jesuit schools abound...and so I'm not even sure I understand the distrust of Jesuits. I need to do my research, I suppose.


Patty said...

Alison, I wish that anyone who is spewing fear, lies, assumption, against our Pope, would stop. It really is sickening to hear and read. Just sickening. What happened to their real faith? Thank you for this post. I'm hoping many are reading and thinking and asking and praying.

TLW said...

Hi Allison,
Unfortunately, some who hold themselves up as Traditionalists have brought this unwanted attention upon themselves. A preference for the Extraordinary Form does not preclude me from vowing my prayerful support to our new Pontiff, Pope Francis. God knows better than I do what His Church needs. Everyone just needs to calm down. A house divided against itself...

scmom (Barbara) said...

Old hairy legs is busy...hmmm, says to me Pope Francis is quite a threat! God bless him and may Our Blessed Mother keep him always with her.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've missed this aspect. I've been having way too much fun enjoying that Pope Francis also has a masters in chemistry. What a great new answer for people who think the church hates science (how can the church hate science...our Pope is a scientist!). My 4th grader did comment on how scary it must be for a new Pope walking out on the balcony- he decided to pray for Pope Francis more. :)

Chris said...

Thanks for clarifying, Allison, in your reply to Anonymous!As an aside to the general "people behaving badly" theme, yes,
I can add that my family does not go to the TLM and we have, in certain Catholic circles, been pointedly disparaged b/c of it....that we are "just" a family who goes to our "regular" parish mass makes our presence in certain Catholic circles within circles and within conversations at Hs gatherings, etc, unwlecome. It's unreal the division within Catholicism that we Catholics bring upon ourselves.
You are absolutely correct and your theme today, should be heeded by all Catholics! Good for you.....
Love ya

Allison said...

I am so blessed that my TLM community is very nice and down-to-earth.

Chris, I am sorry to hear that you've felt disparaged by yours and wish you lived near me. Love ya back!!

I have found that sometimes when one says that they love the Latin Mass the hearer then decides that necessarily we must hate the Novus Ordo.

Again, it's sad when we are so quick to judge and name-call.

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