Pax et Bonum Pope Francis

Praying for our new Holy Father, Francis!

A momentous day in history. My husband was working from home and we all ran around yelling....bull-horning...some of us a little emotional with the white smoke.  Habemus Papam.

But I want to be honest with you...Today, my mind travelled back to Benedict on the balcony. I love him so. Everything about him. It hits me that he is truly now no longer my Pope and I am feeling that FULLY today. Our Pope Emeritus is the earthly one all others will need to measure up to, in my heart and mind.

And so, I pray... asking Jesus, Mary and Joseph to bless and guide this new Pope, Francis. In FAITH I wish him every blessing, Pax et Bonum.


jessica said...

Yesterday was such a beautiful & emotional day! It didn't hit me until I went to bed last night that Pope Benedict was no longer my Pope either. I became interested in Catholicism & joined the Church while he was Pope. So, while I'm overjoyed with Pope Francis my heart broke again over the realization of no longer having Pope Benedict.

I understand what you mean by others will be measured up to Pope Emeritus.

MANY prayers for our new Holy Father!!

Allison said...

Grateful that you understand, Jessica.

Benedict was the Pope in my lifetime that I most related to. I loved Bl.JPII and was blessed that my heart and mind were even more engaged by our Pope Emeritus. So I am very hopeful for our new Holy Father and seeing and hearing his love for our Blessed Mother is a good sign.

Anonymous said...

For lack of a better example, it was like watching the Super Bowl. We were youngest daughter and I were jumping and clapping and I was full of tears and the suspense of waiting for him to appear on the balcony!

I am grateful for this most humble Pope. The Blessed Mother will guide Him.

BTW, what is the best way to subscribe to his speeches/updates without always going on the site? {I don't have Twitter or FB}

Nancy Shuman said...

Allison, I'm echoing your every word.

Allison said...

Theresa there is a subscribe feature at the bottom left column here -

Vatican News updates, does that help?

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Thanks Allison.

Chris said...

SO understand where you;re coming from Allison....I know you had a great affinity for Papa Ben...I think I may have a similar affinity for BL JPII!
When Pops Francis came out on the loggia, I hate to admit it but I thought, "Ooooh, he's not my JPII! I want my Karol back!" But only for a brief second...b/c I truly liked our new Holy Father almost immediately!
Thanks for sharing Allison.
Just heading in for the night but saw your post in my inbox and had to see what you were up to today.:)


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