Giveaway Winner & A Month in Review

January was a busy month!

First, I am happy to announce the winner of The Catholic Child's Teaching Bible from the 2013 Saint post.

JANINE T. - Congratulations.  I have contacted you via Facebook and email messages and hope to hear from you with your address.

And what have we been doing this January besides being back to school and picking saints?

We had a rink day with some cousins to play ice hockey and skate.

The "littles" are in a Y program for homeschool fitness. Every Friday they play an organized game and receive instruction for 30 minutes and then get 30 minutes in an activity room. They are LUVing it! Here's a video of their fun.

A visit to cousins for a nail salon birthday party was a highlight of this month.

I celebrated my birthday with my family. My mother brought my childhood birthday cake, Italian nut cream and she MADE me a rosary!! My family got me wide angle photo lens that I've long been wishing for and can't wait to use.

A great start to 2013!

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1 comment:

From The Pews said...

Happy Belated!!

Been MIA for a while, but HOPING to get back into the "game."

Love the pics you were kind enough to share!

So very happy for you and yours! You all seem so Joyous!!

God Love You All!
And again, Infinite Blessings not just on your B-Day but Always ♥

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