In honor of the Nativity of Our Blessed Mother

"Mary was born to be the mother of the Savior of the world, the spiritual mother of all men, and the holiest of God's creatures. Because of her Son's infinite merits, she was conceived and born immaculate and full of grace. Through her, Queen of heaven and of earth, all grace is given to men. Through her, by the will of the Trinity, the unbelieving receive the gift of faith; the afflicted are tendered the works of mercy; and the members of Christ grow in likeness of their Head. In Mary all human nature is exalted. We rejoice in her birthday, as the Church has done from the earliest times. " For more, see HERE.


Between beach-bumming and back-to-school responsibilities I have been negligent to this blog. Been working on a lot of photos many from summer vacations, too. I will share them soon.

If you'd like to see the meme type photo work I've been doing, please visit Allison in Tumblrland at

May Our Lady leads us to Christ, God bless you dear readers!


Patty said...

Have a beautiful day celebrating this beautiful feast day!

Christine said...

Being a beach bum and school-mum...sounds ideal.

I love doing pictures. Need to get working on mine also.

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