Curriculum for our 7th Year Homeschooling - Totus Tuus Academy

We have begun "lucky" year #7 of homeschooling here at Totus Tuus Academy.

This year we have a 12th grade Senior, a 10th grader, a 6th grader....

AND...a 3rd grader!

We are enrolled with Mother of Divine Grace  Catholic, Classical Curriculum.  It is a program that offers a lot of services and I found them to be unique for the high school years as they offer call-in classes for more advanced courses. Above, my 2nd son is participating in an interactive Latin class with students from all over the country.

Last week we were just home from our shore vacation.  So we went to the beginning of the year homeschool Mass in our diocese and did some orientation days starting a subject or two. But today, is our official FULL day and we started by praying together and not surprisingly we had a great first day!

This is will be my last year homeschooling 4 students as my oldest will graduate this year.  He's applied to Franciscan University already and he is combining a challenging senior year, a travelling ice hockey team schedule and quite a number of job hours to boot. Becoming a man...

His 12th grade courses this year are :
Abeka's American Government and Economics
Anatomy & Physiology - Apologia's The Human Body: Fearfully and WonderfullyMade
Pre-Calculus (Trigonometry)
British Literature
Catholic Doctrine
2nd son's 10th grade subjects are :
Didache Sacraments and Fr. Laux's Apologetics
Algebra 2
Natural Science
Ancient History & Literature reading Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, Plato, Shakespeare, Sophocles
SAT vocabulary study
Art History 

Youngest sons 6th grade subjects are :
Faith & Life Following Christ
Easy GrammarThe Great Editing Adventure 
CHC SpellerScience - like the blog, Wildflowers & Marbles, I have pre-ordered Natural Science Through the Seasons. It has lessons for my 6th grader and my 3rd grader that will be compatible, but less advanced than what my 10th grader is doing yet will dovetail nicely together for these 3 levels to enjoy Nature together.
Poetry memorization
History - Egyptian/Ancient World History & Geography
First Form Latin
Handwriting & Art 7 For Young Catholics
Classical Music listening

My 3rd grader will be using these books:

Language Arts - Phonics - Language of God grammar - Primary Language Lessons -
Latin/Greek - English From the Roots Up flashcards
Poetry memorization
Science - same as brother above, program adjusts to different grades
History & Geography - Our American Heritage
Reading - Seton's Reading Comp- Seton's Reading/Thinking - Seton's Great Saints World History
Art + Music- Let's Learn Music

On my Pinterest page, there are 17 boards dedicated to Homeschooling with resources by topic and grade level. Check out my Art Books for Homeschool and you can find my others, too.

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God bless you in your efforts to teach your children well....which leads me to post this song from the soundtrack of my life,

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Jen said...

Congrats on your 7th of homeschooling! We are in year 7 as well. Many prayers on a blessed school year, and congrats to your oldest on Franciscan!

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