Prof. Joseph Pearce - Leaving the Nest - IHM Conference

Notes taken during the talk....

Author and Ave Maria professor Joseph Pearce addressed homeschoolers about college choices and how to thrive in the world after homeschooling. As a college professor, he said that he felt homeschoolers were better educated. And that, in itself, was great preparation for college.

The most important thing about a college education is orientation. It should point you in the right direction for the rest of your lives. He mentioned the Cardinal Newmann colleges and that some secular colleges had strong Catholic pockets.

Seek wisdom in college. Being clever is not the same thing as being wise.

Our children should know that the future belongs to those who have children. Promote the culture of Life. Be fruitful and multiply. More than "to thine own self be true"...

Be true to the truth beyond yourself.

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