Fr. Shannon Collins - Counter Revolution - IHM Conference

Notes taken during talk....

The moral order has largely collapsed. 41% of births are out of wedlock. 700% increase of those in jail. Is traditional America dying in our midst? No institution more ravaged than Catholic Church. We are not in a springtime of faith, we are in a winter of disbelief.

Less than 25% of Catholics attend Mass on Sunday. Bella Dodd admits to recruiting 11'000 men into the Priesthood to subvert it in pseudo religion. (This is someone to google!)

Why emphasize this decline? We have to understand the horrors and put aside unjustified optimism that we are thriving. Let's get honest about what we've allowed ourselves to become!

Counter Revolution

Remember who we were, who we are is who we were. (Read that again...slowly). There's no evolving belief system. Read oath against modernism by Pope Pius X, where he says dogmas can not evolve, for they come from Christ. Every true Roman Catholic is a counter-revolutionary.

Satan looks to overthrow social reign and order with tyranny of evil, chaos.

Counter revolutions failed in England, France and Mexico when they gave into agreements and put down arms or they would have succeeded. Homeschool families are one of the main ingredients in reform and counter revolution. BE a sign of counter culture, show no signs of the world. Embrace tradition!

We're infected, but all is not lost. We all want to restore all things in Christ. There is a ground swell for the faith of our fathers out of this devastated vineyard.

Do not make peace with the beast.

Let Our Lady crush the serpent with her heal.

Vivo Christo Rey!

All the years I have been coming here... BEST. TALK. EVER!

Order the LILIX conference recording of this one!


Nadja said...

Isn't he awesome? I feel so blessed knowing priests like him and Fr. Sean...

amy said...

Thanks for posting this Allison! I so wish I could have stayed for the second day of the conference. Father's talk yesterday was my favorite of all the sessions!

Mary said...

Hi Allison!

I love this line:

"Remember who we were, who we are is who we were."

That is so true!

I remember a magnet my Dad and Mom had had that had something like this on it.

THANK you so much for your notes from this conference.


Allison said...

Nadja - so many of us were so impressed by him. Do you think he'd come to Delaware to give a mission?

Raising {& Teaching} Little Saints said...

I agree this was the BEST TALK EVER! and although this was my first IHM Conference, I've been to other teaching conferences and Catholic ones as well...I followed both these priests because all of their talks were amazing!

Cristie said...

Just stumbled across your blog while looking up Father Collins. I enjoyed both of his talks at the Conference. My Mom had read Bella Dodd's book and told me about it a year ago. I agree - this was a powerful talk!!!

Pax Christi!

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