Madonna Del Roseto, Solopaca - A Family Tradition

In the town of Solopaca, Italy, in 1844 there was a Madonna miracle. Her intercession brought about the rain after a devasting drought.

Last Sunday, as is our tradition on the first Sunday in June, my family sat with my mother-in-law for the Mass here in the US that commemorates those events from her mother and father's home town. Amongst all the Solopachesi who come every year, we listened to the priest recount that story linked above...about the drought...about trust in Our Lady and devotion to her.

On that bright sunny day, the sky suddenly darkened and as the Priest spoke thunder struck! Then, a surprising and heavy rain fell. Everyone in the Church looked around at each other, even the priest seemed amazed and made mention of it. For 74 years these relatives of immigrants have been re-enacting what happens on this same Italy.

Here's a video from 1986. What a mountain they descend...singing...what a tradition
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This year, it was my daughter's turn to crown the Madonna. She was so excited to participate in this family legacy!

With her GMom
With my parents

This pin is from 1939 and still worn by members of the society
Here, in the US, our pilgrimage is just down the aisle, not a mountain.

But, the love is here too and the joy of family...and tradition. Dear Mother who intercedes with showers of graces...we love you!


Gardenia said...

this is a lovely meaningful tradition in your family and in your parish. The statues are beautiful, and I can see how humbled and proud your daughter was to crown Our Lady.

Cecilia said...

Just beautiful. Simply beautiful!

Allison said...

Thank you, as always, Gardenia. The statues are very similar to the ones in Italy...although the hairy baby Jesus is a little much!

We travel about an hour to this parish for this yearly event.

Cece, I am so happy to hear from you on my blog. Thank you for commenting!

Mom2Seven said...

Such beautiful pictures! What a wonderful tradition! +JMJ+

Christine said...

whoever is behind the lens sure knows how to capture the moment.


Thank you for sharing.

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