The Gift of a Sibling


Jennifer @ Crafolic said...

That's beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it!

Gardenia said...

this is a beautiful photo~!! my daughter has a 22 year old brother, and there is truly nothing like their relationship. something about an older brother and his little sis!!

Ablla said...

I love this! Especially since we're expecting our second little boy in September :) I'm so excited to see the love that the two will have for each other!

Allison said...

Thanks Jennifer and Gardenia!

Ablla, when my 2nd son was born and his 2 year old brother already loved him and he loved his brother back it softened my softening heart and was the catalyst for returning to my faith.

I had to thank God for their love and our family love and the beauty of it. Something so beautiful, True beauty must lead to God.

I am so excited or you and your family and hope you are feeling well.

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