Something About Mary - Bring Flowers to the Fairest

A lovely Sunday afternoon with my daughter, we clipped some lilacs from the bush out back and gave them to Our Lady.

 It's a May tradition to make sure that flowers adorn her images in our house during the month of May.

These ones, set at the school table, will distract and intoxicate me in the loveliest of ways....

According to Fisheaters website, Carnations = Mary's Love of God. These flowers are said to have bloomed at Christ's Nativity, according to a German legend. And Lilacs are the Ascension Flower.

Next, to memorize this song.

*UPDATE* I neglected to mention my inspiration, my Mother. Upon seeing this blog post she emailed me a picture of her flowers to Mary from her entrance table and wrote, "Haven't missed a May since I was 11. Hard to believe I've been doing this for 60 years. The best part is I smile each time I pass her. In fact, over the years, I have enjoyed honoring her so much that I usually have flowers by her all year long. "


:) jessica said...

Beautiful flowers and lovely song! I might join you in learning it. :)

Tiffany said...

What a lovely tribute to Mama Mary and your earthly Mother as well (loved her quote in your update:) Those lilacs are stunning! Hoping to get our May Altar decorated tomorrow...we are a bit late this year:(

Suzanne said...

Interesting about the carnations and lilacs. I had never heard either legend before. I've always loved carnations, and they get such short shrift for being a "cheap" flower. Well, now I'll buy and display them with pride for Our Lord and Our Lady. :D

Mom2Seven said...

Beautiful! +JMJ+

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