Upon arriving, she went up to a side altar to pray.

Leaving the confessional, what a smile on her face! She flew into her brothers' arms and hugs. 


The Sacrament did charge her up with grace.  We've been practicing signals in Mass and what she is do do when she sees the Gospel being moved from one side of the altar to the other. For the first time, tonight, she didn't need my reminder. I could see her body jolt in recognition of the signal and she was standing for the Gospel. Then her thumbs were ready, crossing her forehead, (May these Gospel words be on my mind) crossing her lips, (May these Gospel words be on my lips) and over her heart. (May these Gospel words be in my heart)

Then, something new, something that just...escaped. 



The thumb came from her heart and joined the other fingers is a celebratory fist and the elbow cranked back and down, "Got it!" I heard her whisper.

It's becoming hers....

Her faith.


MamaMunky said...

That is so great that she knows why we (catholics) do that. In church, it seems like sometimes people just go through the motions without knowing what they are doing or why. Thanks for sharing, your daughter is lovely.

Christine said...

God Bless that sweet precious WHITE AS SNOW little ...can I say sweet again...soul.

Renee said...

One word = "BEAUTIFUL"!!!

Love this very special post! Congratulations to your daughter. :) It sure does pull on the heart strings. <3

Monique said...

So beautiful! Congratulations to your daughter on this special day.

Patty said...

Sweetness and purity. Congratulations on this wonderful moment that she will relive for the rest of her life :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely, just lovely.

I'm so happy for you, and your little one!



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