Moments of Grace ~ My Mother

I am joining the wonderful, new blog SUSCIPIO in Moments of Grace, a link-up sharing something from your week....taking "a moment to look back on your week and recall these glimpses of grace as they wove themselves into the flurry of your life."

A while back I wrote about how my Mother had joined the teaching staff here at Totus Tuus Academy. On "Teaching Thursdays" my delighted little girl gets her GrandDandy as her teacher for one-on-one grandparent attention.Yesterday was one of those Thursdays.

Here they are studying the Baltimore Catechism together. This Photo is a moment of grace for me and I am deeply touched seeing my mother share the faith with her grand-daughter, but also because my youngest son took this photo!  He was so happy and excited and I hope that I pass along my love of photography to him, maybe all of my my Father did for me.

It also happened to be my mother's birthday! At a dinner out for the occasion, a few days ago,  each of us took turns around the table telling my mother the reasons why we love her. It's a family birthday tradition. When it came to my turn, part of what I said was in response to her telling me on my birthday how happy I had made her.  I returned to that, to let her know how happy she has made me. My mother gives and gives. Tirelessly. And all through my life she has made special moments and gave of herself to us unselfishly. All of her children share those happy memories and admiration. For me, all that she gave was so deeply satisfying that my happiness and contentment continue. Although I want to grow in many areas and improve, especially in faith, I don't have other preoccupations...things or experiences I need. A happy childhood without wants is what she and my father gave me. And I know I am lucky, blessed.
It is the realization of those graces and the beauty that emanates from this photo and the ones above that I hold close to my heart and cherish this week. God bless you, Mother, on your birthday and always!

My moments of Grace.


Jamie Jo said...

Your mama is beautiful!

Emily said...

What a lovely entry, Allison! I especially love the pictures--your mom and daughter as so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your family with us. :) I look forward to seeing more entries!
Emily (Catholic Poster Girl, from Suscipio)

Christine said...

YOU are so so blessed. Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady.

She is beautiful.

Mom2Seven said...

Such a lovely tribute to your beautiful mother! Peace and prayers, Annita +JMJ+

Gardenia said...

oh your mama is beautiful, inside too I'm sure ! and to read about her love and selflessness all your life, makes it so easy to see how you are full of peace and contentment today. what a wonderful woman to love and admire!

Jenny said...

Allison, you mother radiates beauty and love. You come by it quite naturally my friend.

Marcia@TakingThyme said...

What a beautiful mama you have, and what blessings to have her helping teach her grandchildren.
Stopped by from over at Suscipio

Suzanne said...

Wondeful post! Your mother looks like a very lovely woman inside and out. How blessed you are! And, your son really does take fantastic photos. Great eye!

Tiffany said...

So many beautiful blessings of Motherhood here...What a grace-filled reflection. Thank you for introducing me to Suscipio. Talk about grace~wow! God bless the motherhood that your Mama passed on to you. Ave Maria!

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