Family Connections & The Art of Mary Cassatt

While my husband and I grew up about 15 minutes away from each other, we had never met until I was 20 and doing a summer internship at a Talk Radio station, where he worked. It was his first job out of college and he was a producer.

What brings me to this memory?

This piece of art. (Seen today,again, on Pinterest)

At some point during our dating, we both recalled this image. Both of us remembered that it hung in our Pediatrician's office and that we enjoyed looking at it. We couldn't help but wonder whether we had ever been there at the same time? Had our paths crossed?

Only the Cassatt knows....

In honor of that discovery and shared history,we wanted to have a "Cassatt" in our home. And so we bought this print after the birth of our first child. Again, it too focuses on the beauty of the parent/child relationship, the tender care...the loving much a touchstone of our lives today!

Whose paths are we crossing today that will play into our tomorrows...even our children's tomorrows? I pray that at the touchstone of their future relationships they discover a shared recognition of the good, the true and the beautiful of parenthood, God willing. After all, Our Lord could have chose to come into the world in any way He chose. He chose to come as a a mother and father.

To the family, He gives great honor and purpose.

In +JMJ+


Lisa said...

Beautiful reminder, Allison, of what is truly important. (and I love your print, btw!) :-)

God bless,

Therese said...

Gorgeous artwork Allison.

Tiffany said...

What a beautiful God-incidence story with you and your husband...And beautiful art to go with it! I always love how His plan unfolds so perfectly. Enjoyed your reflection:)

Allison said...

Thanks there are many stories behind the art in our houses.

Maybe you'll decide to share some about yours? I know I'd love to read them.

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