4:23 PM
Who is more helpless than the babe in the womb?

Many of these images come from a new blog on my blogroll/sidebar - http://catholiclifeguard.tumblr.com

May the images she shares recommit us all to be a voice for those without a voice.


Ms. Alicia said...

Oh, how I pray for all of those precious children :( I'm so happy that I found your blog and look forward to all of your posts, God Bless

Jamie Jo said...

Beautiful posters. Wow, that middle one is very graphic, hope people take notice.

Patty said...

Oh! I like the third one. One a statement, huh?

noreen said...

Powerful photos for the unborn! I hope they reach the hearts of people all over the world!

Allison said...

Th Catholic Lifeguard blog...see my sidebar...has so many of these thought-provoking and touching images.

Glad you all found them moving as well.

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