How We Began Our Homeschooling Year

Orientation day for my homeschoolers: 11th grade son, 9th grade son, 5th grade son and 2nd grade daughter.

Spent time with each of them getting them familiar with everything. We looked through each book and their planner, went over school rules and schedule, helped older sons get online for teleconference classes and then watched an educational video.

And so begins year 6.

What did we forget? Prayer.

Tomorrow we begin, all together, with prayer.

God bless your school year!


Arley said...

Happy Homeschooling Year!!! We're starting ours on the 19th. Love the Orientation day idea. I think I'll try that this year. I have 3 this year. 3rd grade, 1st grade and pre-k. Using Setons and Time4Learning!

Melissa said...

Good luck! We start the school day with Mass. That seems to help us focus :)

We started school the 1st of August and so the kids are taking a much needed break this week. It has gone better (so far)than I thought it would. Kids are testing well so they must be learning something!
God Bless!

Patty said...

Blessing on your new school year, Allison! Ha ha! We forgot prayer the first day, too! I think we were so excited?

Jen said...

I am seeing a big reoccurring theme here in a lot of us moms (homeschooling especially it seems) neglecting prayer. We must not! (I have been too..after such a firm resolution too...).

Prayer is a must!

I will offer my holy hour tonight for everyone! Myself included. ;-)

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