Heartbreaking and Touching Tribute to Hockey Team

I am a hockey mom, all 3 of my sons play. (My husband plays as well.)

While I blog photos of them and support their interest, I usually find the play too rough for my sensibilities. Too often, I am guilty of thinking the sport to be rife with goons, not gentlemanly.

I sit here in tears now, moved with the honor and respect these men give to each other...Heartbreaking and Touching Tribute to Hockey Team

Thanks for letting me see another side of the sport and for sharing this, Creative Minority Report.


Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

None of my kids play hockey, but we live outside of Detroit which is considered "Hockey Town". This was big news in the area as some of the deceased had formerly been affiliated with the Wings. Also, the fact that this happened in Russia was of interest to my family. Praying for all involved.

The Little Way said...

So you're a hockey mom? That takes dedication as I know how early the younger ones play their games.

This was such tragic news from Russia and really hit hard with the news that a former Flyer was on board - Brad McCrimmon. Thanks for posting the link to the video.

Gardenia said...

Allison, i saw that beautiful video on Creative minority Report today and it was indeed heartbreaking and touching to see the love and respect they showed. I grew up in a hockey family, and it's a popular sport for boys and young men. And I'm sure understandably worrisome for mothers.

Jen said...

So heartbreaking. My prayers for the families who have lost a loved one so tragically.

May the Angels lead them into Paradise...

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