Summer Sunday #2

She did it again!
She snorkeled with the kids and my littlest mermaid below.
Then, "GrandDandy" set ANOTHER beautiful table and Summer Sunday for us!
See last week's tablescape and cast your vote for which one wins. God bless that frosty beverage above and the hands that made it!

Candy galore, which little hands made fast work of...
And she scooped 'em sundaes too...
Sunday is turning out to be their favorite day of the week. Mine too!
Thanks, Mom!


Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

What a beautiful tradition and a beautiful place! I love her coordinating dishes and table clothes, I would like to be that organized - maybe someday. Enjoy :)

Patty said...

This is just an amazing thing you have going on! I just Love it! Everything about it! Both table settings were just beautiful. I love blue, but this past Sunday dishes look a lot like my own china.

I love my Vitamix as well and they make fabulous whole fruit margaritas - yum!

Cheers to you, your mom and dad, family and Summer Sundays!

PattyinCT said...

Now I see where you get your graciousness from Allison:)

What a blessing. And what great memories your children are building right now. I promise that this woman will become "stuff of legend" through the family generations!;)

Allison said...


You know what? I love the memories it is making for my kids but,like Jen noted, I HOPE I can be like that someday. She's selfless in her energy for others, God bless her!

She's a tough act to follow.

Laura said...

Wow! How wonderful this is, how peaceful and beautiful it looks. I love both settings and I can just imagine the fun your children are having. How blessed to have family like that. I hope to be that kind of grandmother some day:)
God Bless.

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