Sunday's Comin'

It's the first day of SUMMER and that means.....

Summer Sundays!

After our beautiful Latin Mass,

we head to my parent's house for dinner and swimming. My mom always sets a beautiful table to set the tone. Last Sunday it was covered in the embroidered handwork of my Nana.

We eat in the screened porch, hearing the birds and crickets and occasionally it's been our theatre for amazing lightning and thunder storms. There, in the midst of it, yet protected. As the sky blackens around us and the rooms glows by lamplight we walk down memory lane, sharing stories.

The pool glistens and the fish swim.

They cool off and test their endurance while towering greenery surrounds them. Such a pretty place, I can see why... and my children are glad that... my parents aren't planning on moving somewhere with less upkeep.

For now, my mother still has the limitless energy that people have remarked about all her life. Sunday's dinner was gourmet. The grounds are covered in flowers and everyone's favorite candy is purchased for them for after dinner.

To my great delight my sister and brother-in-law gifted her with this vita-mixer that she now blends incredible margaritas with. She has one ready as I enter and earlier she made gazpacho in it.

How did I get this lucky and why?

Surf and Turf...even homemade kugel, a Father's day feast of the senses!


Summer also initiates a VERY busy time for the teacher-mom. The school room is a mess!
I have paperwork I need to turn in, a school year I have to wrap up and store away. Books must come out of those shelves. Papers must be filed and sorted. Then I'll figure out what I need for next year, order and start filling back up those shelves. Papers will need to be organized for the next year, planners highlighted, 2 highschoolers next year, resources to plan for...a daunting job. Once I do it, then I can take my summer break.

Lazy summer? No, 4 birthdays to plan, a basement to purge, many house projects indoors and out...lucky girl knows how to complain! Until that's all behind me, I feel it looming over me. I can get myself pretty worked up over it. Lucky girl knows how to whine when she should remember all she has to be grateful for.

Because, in the grand scheme, it's all a trifle. Thankfully...Sunday's comin'.


Suzanne said...

What a blessed and beautiful way to spend Sundays! I so envy you -- a holy envy...I think! ;)

PattyinCT said...

How beautiful! Enjoy a margarita for me too;)

kimberly said...

How gorgeous! Enjoy your summer Sundays...

jen said...

Nothing beats a traditional Sunday dinner after Mass; with a cocktail of course! Looks yummy!

Allison said...

Ladies, a toast to you and your summers. May this be a blessed time for you and your families!

Tiffany said...

Great post Allison:) Wow, you are blessed with that wonderful "Son-day" tradition. Sounds and looks heavenly. I'm with you on all the other "stuff" that needs to be done...always a balancing act! Peace of Christ be with you:)

Josie said...

Allison, your dear mother is truly a blessing. It brings tears to my eyes to read with what love she prepares those feasts with you all! Also, I am sorting through our basement and for anyone haunted by how to sort growing children's clothing, it dawned on me only 3 categories were needed rather than sorting by age/season/gender, which drives me nuts, I did one big box for boy pants one for boy shirts one for boy jammies. We have less girl stuff, so that's easier. so I can just pull stuff in time and see what fits if we're short on pants, or what have you. Took a big load off my shoulders to sort so simply! Not sure if that applies to you now, but perhaps the simplicity of it will help you sort and purge something else. Miss you lots!

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