Rome Travelogue - Day Four

5:38 AM
On a rainy, Saturday morning, April 30th, we visited the Spanish Steps which were covered in azaleas.

Then we made it back to the Trevi fountain to throw our coins in. We REALLY want to come back!

Walking through the charming cobblestone streets we found a restaurante tucked away down a little corridor, Spago. There we had a wonderful lunch.
Around any corner you can find a gelati shop like this....ohh the creaminess! We get one everyday!
Because of the Beatification on Sunday, we thought it wise to make sure we made it to Mass. We had identified a beautiful FSSP Extraordinary Form TLM parish and attended the Saturday vigil Mass there, at Ss. Trinita dei Pelligrini.
One of their side chapels had this crucifix with a blue and gold star background that was remarkably similar to the main crucifix at Mater Ecclesiae parish back home.
On the high altar, click on the above photo to see the gold busts. After Mass we spoke to Americans and Canadians living in the area that attend this parish that has 4 priests!

We walked around the Vatican and took in it's pre-Beatification energy in a night to truly remember. See this post.

Still excited and unable to sleep yet, we sought out night caps in the garden of our hotel.
I ordered Limoncella at the recommendation of my sister and luved it!
Another memorable and wonderful anticipation of living history tomorrow, JPII's beatification.


Jamie Jo said...

Oh, I bet the Mass was beautiful!

I'm still reading, and loving the pictures and stories!

Rebecca Booth said...

I am so enjoying your blog about your visit to Rome, I cannot tell you how much. I went as a child and did not appreciate it the way I would now, but still fell in love with the art, architecture and history of the place. I am reliving it through you with more appreciation.

Thank you.


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