Blogging LIVE from Vatican meeting

10:47 AM
At the Vatican for the Bloggers Meeting, Richard Rouse speaking on behalf of Cardinal Ravasi.
Across from Joan of EWTN.
Archbishop Celli

Cardinal Revasi could not be here and so Archbishop Celli gave opening address.

Archbishop Celli - " In music there is a first movement, that's what this is. .. A better understanding of each other...establish dialogue....enhance relationships...."

Richard Rouse, who works for Cardinal Revasi, " Christian presence in cyberworld, not a stage for moral code, not a seminar how to blog effectively, a meeting of persons not bloggers."

Rocco Palma, Whispers in the Loggia blogger, " We start blogs because we believe. We are a community. Let's do this to strengthen the Church."

Elizabeth Scalia, the Anchoress, " Pope appreciates transformative effect of social media, his holiness is ahead of the curve. Charity is the biggest challenge. Blogs are without genuine borders. Blogs go where the sheep are grazing blogs give them better pastures to feed.

Father Roderick,, "We blog because we want to facilitate friendships. We're building a worldwide parish."

François Jeanne-Beylot, "Kingdom of who shouts loudest....100% democratic...don't confuse opinion-makers with someone with an opinion. A 12year old could blog about making a sandwich."

And now it's break time until the next panel.


Anonymous said...

So excited to hear what the Vatican is hoping with with social media and blogging. Looking forward to further updates and blog posts!

Kay said...

Thanks so much for your updates. Wow, live from the meeting. That's special.

I also really enjoyed the videos and details about your visit so far. I know how hard it is to find time to write when on a trip so this is so much appreciated.

I hope the rest of the trip is splendid. What an amazing opportunity.

God bless.

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