Get A Life!

Today, after Mass, we participated in LIFE CHAIN and stood with our signs on a busy road.

(taken a few years ago)

The boys become Warriors for Life holding those signs. That hour is always a springboard for conversation.

This year we were flipped off less and had a dozen waves of support. Now, I can't say that I know what is in the hearts of all that pass by, I do not. One could be tempted to wonder and make generalizations....

There's a small percentage that who show you their disapproval and those that show you their approval and perhaps the rest are just not the type to respond if they approve or disapprove? I'd like to think that rather than succumb to my real fear ... the fear that many don't care, don't have an opinion or think they need to have one on Life.

Please Lord, get us thinking about protecting Life....seeing it as valuable, standing up for it. It will be our legacy that this is our holocaust. This is our equal rights ignorance. It was sanctioned by the Nazi government to kill Jews, elderly, and handicapped for not being +worthy+ of life. It was our past laws that permitted slavery, calling some humans chattel.

Each of us were once the "size" of an unborn baby. A fetus IS a baby person, a human with the right to life. Abortion stops a beating heart of the most defenseless human.

I pray Lord, that the man who drove by and in anger yelled out his window, "Get a life!!" that he may he come to realize the ironic nature of that comment.





‎"We record fetal heartbeats at 14 days post-conception.

We record fetal brainwaves at 39 days post-conception

. .. We have this schizophrenic rule of the law where we have defined death as the absence of those, but we refuse to define life as the presence of those."

- Sen. Coburn to Supreme Court nominee Judge Sotomayor July 15 2009


PattyinCT said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for your witness today! I usually take my kids at this time of year to help attend the 40 Days for Life, however, I am too far along in my pregnancy. So my husband goes for our family, and I stay home to pray the Rosary with him in spirit:)

Yours for life,

Mom2Seven said...

We've had a few people over the years yell something profane or make a gesture... but we've gotten a lot of waves and thumbs up, too. Unfortunately, we did not make it this year... hopefully, next year.
God bless

+JMJ+ said...

Patty - you ARE a witness, thank YOU for welcoming new life! Love that you pray while your hubby is onsite.

Mom2Seven - there have been times when I couldn't make it either, going to remember Patty's idea, to be a prayer warrior offsite.

I may not know a huge amount of women who do this locally but I am once again thankful for the internet in hearing how many women across the country are doing this! God give us the strength to keep on...

Hugs, ladies!

kimberly said...

Beautiful witness...

Beautiful reminder...

God bless you and your family for being champions for LIFE!

It never ceases to amaze me that scientists can look to the stars and refer to microbes on rocks as "life" and yet so many still fail to recognize the sanctity of human life within the womb...your boys (and girl) will bless you for this early lesson...for the privilege of being warriors for the unborn.

Once again, God bless you!

mamacowx6 said...

I want to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for standing up and dilivering such an important message and for including your children. What a beautiful testimony for them and for others.

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