Weapons of MASS Destruction ~ Liturgical Abuse

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Liturgical Abuses in the Novus Ordo - Violations with Church Document and/or Canon Law Citation - link to site explaining all codes

Changing words of fixed prayers
CIC/83 846.1
CIC/83 838
DC 12

Use of "gender neutral"/"inclusive" language in Scripture readings or Creed
CIC/83 846.1
CIC/83 838

General, sacramental absolution given during the Penitential Rite during the Mass; and/or, outside of Mass, merely because, although confessors are available, there are a large number of penitents
CIC/83 961

Use of a translation that has not been approved by both the US Bishops and the Holy See for Liturgical use in the US
CIC/83 838
CIC/83 826

Omitting Homily on a Sunday of Holy Day of Obligation
CIC/83 767
GIRM element 42

Homily given by someone other than a Bishop, Priest, or Deacon at Mass
ID element 2
ID element 3

Someone gives talk in place of Homily on Sunday or Holy Day of Obligation
ICP Practical Provisions 3:1-5

The Creed is not said on a Sunday or Solemnity
GIRM element 44

Apostles' Creed used in place of Nicene Creed at a Mass for adults

Failure of Priest to wash hands at beginning of Liturgy of the Eucharist
GIRM element 52
GIRM element 106

People say parts of Eucharistic prayer which are reserved to Priest, such as Per ipsum ("Through him, with him, in him...")
ID element 4

Priest uses unapproved Eucharistic Prayer or changes words of consecration
ID element 5

Recipe for altar bread includes ingredients other than flour and water in the dough (except in an Eastern rite parish)
ID element 8
GIRM element 282
CIC/83 926

Use of Communion Hosts which leave many crumbs
ID element 8

People at altar receiving Communion at same time as Priest
GIRM element 137

Outside of health reasons, Priest fails to distribute Communion, leaving task to Deacons and/or Eucharistic Ministers
ID element 10

Refusal of Minister or Priest a person's right to choose whether to receive Host on tongue or in hands (in cases other than Communion by instinction)
AGI element 240

Extraordinary ministers and altar servers forced by Priest to receive Host in hand
AGI 240

Chalice containing Precious Blood picked up by Communicants from altar or table
ID element 9

Consecrated Hosts picked up by Communicants from altar or table
ID element 9

Communion given to Protestants apart from special circumstances indicated in Code of Canon Law
CIC/83 844

Children refused First Confession before First Communion
CIC/83 914

Precious Blood poured down sink or sacrarium
HLS, elements 34, 36, 38

Chalice containing Precious Blood is made of absorbent material, such as unglazed clay, or an ungilded and corrosion-prone material, such as silver
ID element 16
GIRM element 291
GIRM element 294

Failure of Priest to carefully and reverently collect and consume or dissolve any particles from Hosts during purification of vessels
Notitiae 8 (1972) 195
Notitiae 14 (1978) 593-594

Failure of Priest to reverently dissolve any drops of Precious Blood
GIRM element 120
GIRM element 237-239

Failure to consume remainder of Precious Blood (unless it is being taken to the sick)
HLS element 37
ID element 13
ID element 14
ID element 15

USE of altar or main part of the church (ie, the "liturgical space," as some insist on calling it) for purposes other than (or in addition to) divine Worship
CIC/83 1239
CIC/83 1210
CIC/83 1211
CIC/83 1212

Use of baskets to hold consecrated Hosts
ID element 16

Location (ie, removal) of Tabernacle to hard-to-find, out-of-the way chapel
CIC/83 938.2

Images of saints lacking in church
CIC/83 1188
CIC/83 1189

People standing during the consecration and Eucharistic Prayer due to absence of kneelers
GIRM element 21
Notitiae, 14 (1978) 302-303

Failure of Priest to genuflect at appropriate junctures in Liturgy (particularly Liturgy of the Eucharist)
GIRM element 233

Failure of people, either on own initiative or at "invitation," to kneel, following conclusion of Sanctus ("Holy, Holy, Holy....") and through conclusion of Great Amen
AGI element 21

People stand around altar holding hands during consecration
Notitiae 17 (1981) 61

People imitate gestures made by Priest that are appropriate for his role alone
ICP Practical Provisions Article 6
CIC/83 907

Dancing of ANY kind (ie, "Liturgical Dance) performed during liturgical service
Notitiae 11 (1975) 202-203

Use of blue as Liturgical color in Advent or Lent
CIC/83 929

Washing of women's feet on Holy Thursday
PS 51

10 Most Common Liturgical Abuses from Catholic Answers


TAKE A QUIZ on your awareness of liturgical abuse

Paul VI saw liturgical abuse as "Smoke of Satan"

Fr. John Trigilio Takes on U.S. Catholic over Latin Mass

"Pope Leo XIII wrote an incredibly powerful and holy prayer of intercession to St. Michael. His intention was to protect the Church and mankind from Satan and his demons.

After Pope Leo XIII finished saying Mass on October 13, 1884, he collapsed into what is allegedly a mystical ecstasy. He witnessed a confrontation between Jesus and Satan, and saw evil demons being released from hell. To protect the Church and all families, he wrote a Leonine Exorcism which he mandated to be said after each Mass from that point forth.

In 1934, however, Pope Leo’s intercessory prayer was changed without explanation. It is believed that it was suppressed due to its startling content. It was replaced by an abbreviated Prayer to St. Michael, which still is powerful but not as compelling as the original.

The original prayer to St. Michael was a very powerful intercessory prayer. The original prayer to St. Michael was 594 words long. "

Let us all offer to God our prayers that our Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is always offered in reverence to Him and with Him as it's sole focus.


+JMJ+ said...

ChestertonQuote: "You cannot love a thing without wanting to fight for it."

Laura O said...

What a LIST! Sadly, I could label several parishes I've attended behind almost every single line item.

Our parish here has a new pastor. I was praying for guidance about where we should attend as our initial time at this parish had mixed feelings. Nothing like seeing the wrong in the liturgy to the point of distraction. I need to write up about initial impressions of the new pastor. But, I'll tease with his opening was he's neither liberal or conservative...rather his fidelity is to The Church. And, we have Latin Mass on the schedule now for the third Saturday of each month as it's his choice to say it once a month. (R wants to see about serving at it, too. There's a class later this week...better call and sign him up. D wants to sing at it.)

+JMJ+ said...

Laura - I am so weak about distraction. It hijacks the Mass for me. I need to pray for strength against it when I am not at my peaceful and prayerful parish.

I kinda like your description of the priest being not one or the other but rather FAITHFUL to The Church. That's all we need.

Great that the boys are interested in the Latin Mass, mine were too...immediately as it speaks to their masculine natures. Like our dear Fr. G always said...

Take care, friend!

Jen said...

This is such a helpful list. Thank you!

Cammie Novara said...

"General, sacramental absolution given during the Penitential Rite during the Mass; and/or, outside of Mass, merely because, although confessors are available, there are a large number of penitents" I am flabbergasted by the truth in those words.

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