Take Your Kids to Work Day

My husband's company had it's annual Take Your Kids to Work Day recently. This was the first time our kids went with him. About 100 children of employees participated. Dad stayed with them, joining in on the fun. But it seemed like the day was organized like a camp...keep the kids busy and then join up with them for lunch and afterwards show them your desk....

The morning (from 8:45-noon) was organized with 2 activities for each group. Our oldest boys had lectures and activities on air flight and Numbers-type crime investigation.

The "littles" learned about UV lights, the color spectrum and sunblock!

The were given lava rocks that were similar to rocks from Mars and discussed their properties. They even made their own alka-seltzer rockets and shot them off!

It was interesting for our kids, especially having Dad with them to show them his "world." They did have lunch together in the big cafeteria. They did go back to his office and see the area and meet people. Dad also gave them a tour of the facilities.

They were really interested in hearing more about the company...what IT did. They'd have liked to see an industrial film on it and then see equipement do it's job. Perhaps that's too difficult to do with so many kids. But Dad did show them the labs, manufacturing and candy machines and before they left they threw a paper airline into R&D and took off running .

Because really, in their minds, they thought the place would be like The Office...and where was Dwight?

O, and what did I do all day? I drove up to see my mom. We strolled thru garden stores and went to a 50's diner for burgers and shakes. We went to a Fresh Market store and then back to her house to go through my computer for photos she wanted. Then we rented Date Night and afterwards went out for Mexican and Margeritas. We were giddy from the fun and freedom. An all around great day was had by all!


Dawn said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time with Mom! Wasn't Date Night hilarious!

+JMJ+ said...

Tina Fey was even funnier than Steve Carrell, yes Dawn...we had lots of laughs.

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