Sixty Seconds On Tuesday

Jenny so poignantly noted...

"Because the minutes of our day pass so quickly, never to return. Our kitchen will never look exactly same (sometimes this is to be appreciated), our children will never "do" the same thing (again, sometimes appreciated), our soul will be moved differently, a word will be spoken for a specific season...all these moments are fleeting.

And each one is precious.

I've recently been thankful that I have this blog to look back over. There are pictures and words here not recorded anywhere else. These brief moments stored in archives, not forgotten or left to the cramped recesses of my mind. Join me on Tuesdays to preserve the minute. Link back here with a moment preserved in word, thought or photo."


These are the moments I want to preserve and remember from the weekend.
A family dinner with my parents. I enjoy setting the table most nights, creating an inviting scene. And I savor the blessing of dining together with my husband and children. A time to reconnect and gather as a family, it solidifies our identity and commitment.

The first Spring-like weather was appreciated on the deck. My daughter was the perfect focus for my camera.
Although, she was not always so serene about it...

This time with her and her Daddy, snuggling and laughing...
Ah, the promise of Spring and more memories like these. Sigh and smile.


Laura said...

Beautiful pictures! I wish I had a decorative eye like yours! Your table is very inviting. Of course, it pales in comparison to your lovely daughter :)
God Bless.

Jenny said...

You set a beautiful table Allison. I love the snuggle pictures...very memorable.

Renee said...

Wow, I second that! Your table is so lovely, green like spring, festive and yet tempting others to come dine, and make memories round its perimeters.

Your precious sweetie is growing up mama. Adorable. :)

Christine said...

I third that..precious memories. You captured them perfectly.

Have a blessed weekend!

Sarah Oldham said...

I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for sharing your curriculum lately . . . I'm looking at building one for Christian (7th grade). He wants to come home and my husband is on board . . . by the GRACE OF GOD. I am so humbled. Pray for us! Thank you!!!!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...


You have such a beautiful home!!! You must tell me how you keep it so nice with the children around all day? It is such a struggle for me it seems and a source of major frustration.

Your daughter looks beautiful!! I look forward to seeing you at CHAPLET!

+JMJ+ said...

Thanks, friends. Sometimes we just need to capture the lovely moments that sneak into the ordinary every once in a blessed while.

Jamie, for 10 years my house was a playroom for little people. My living room was an actual playroom before my dear Nana died this year and I inherited her furniture. So, we lived with the 95% off the time in mind, the days of childhood play and not the 5% of holiday entertaining.

My 2 youngest are 8.5 and 5.5 now and with older siblings are content to hang out in the basement for more raucous play. We recently had the house painted...for the first time...and after that expense I am really nuts about dinging up the walls again.

In a Montessori type way, as I was a montessori child, I did always encourage little ones from the beginning that we must pick up one item when we're done with it before we can go on to another. We always made clean up a rule, a habit and failure to do so resulted in the object going away for a while as a punishment.

I am a bit of a neat-freak and it annoys my family I am sure. But I can also tell that they appreciate it, take pride in our home and prefer to live tidy too. They'll probably drive their spouses and children crazy someday too! :)

My husband likes to remind them that our God is a God of order, so Mom's not completely offbase.

Like anything in parenting, it takes repetition, patience and consistency to coach them to clean up after themselves. I'm still doing it. Maybe their spouses will thank me someday?

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