Gentlemen, start your crockpots!

We were invited to a party with a clever idea. The invitation said that the "Dads" had to cook chili, with no wifely help, and compete against each other.

One Dad tried out recipes on his family for weeks. (He ended up with a spicy concoction that you topped with smoked gouda and fresh cut green onions.)

Some Dads were nervous and some were excited to show their Top Chef talents. There was even some pre game smack talk.

We had the best time! Eight pots of chili arrived and were tasted. A dear and fun-loving priest attended and even officiated. He carefully used a different spoon to try each. He drank milk in between to clear his palate. And, he took careful notes.

A winner and runner up were announced to cheers and then the rest of us dug in. No two chilis tasted alike. NOT ONE was a bomb, they were all REALLY good in their own way! Some had traditional flavors, most were cooked in beer and one with a margerita in it. One had a unique taste that turned out to be mexican cinnamon! Another looked like something out of a gourmet magazine even with a side dish of blended peppers for extra heat! The winner and late entry was actually made with gallo wine and had a sweet taste. (Perhaps that wine was what Father liked?!)


Today, the memories of this fun night linger and we are so grateful for such dear and playful friends. We thank our hosts for the joy they bring to us in their graciousness.


Cecilia said...

That was just too much fun! YOu did great with the pictures as always... You are a great friend! Thank you for all you have done for us!

humm.. what would be next??? ;)

Sarah - Kala said...

It does sound like delicious fun!!!

Aussie Therese said...

oh what a fun evening this would have been.

I would love to know your husbands recipe and see if I could get my husband to make it.

+JMJ+ said...

Therese, I don't have any measurements but my husband started 2 days before by soaking dried red beans in a margerita drink and mexican beer. After 24 hours in that he bioled them in beef broth. He mashed that up and added some mexican shredded cheese, lightly sauteed finely chopped pruprle onion, cilantro, cumin spice, chili powder, lots of fresh garlic, zest of a lime and then it's juice and cans of chopped tomatoes.

He had also marinated thin steak filets in mexican beer, cilantro, lots of garlic, olive oil, some worchestire sauce and he grilled those. When they cooled, the steak was diced up into cubes, added to the above bean mixture and freshly chopped red peppers and jalapeno peppers were added uncooked.

He let those flavors "marry" together overnight and before the party he put it all in a crockpot to warm. It was very thick and he thought afterwards that pouring another bottle of beer in, or the bottle of premade margarita or even some tomatoe puree would have loosed it up a bit. he had shredded cheese on the side, sour cream, killer hot sauces and a chopped up scotch bonnet pepper.

After tasting everyone else's, he was excited to win 2nd prize. They were ALL SO GOOD!

Jenny said...

How fun! I love chili, especially frito chili pie!

Therese said...

That sounds like so much fun! I would love to do this with my family! Thanks for the idea!

Jamie said...

How fun! I can't help but imagine all these men together afterward watching football or something, my the smell would be pretty nasty!!!

Had to say it!

+JMJ+ said...

Therese - don't forget to post if you do it.

Jamie, you are too cute and based on my past revealations I know why you worried.

Prior to the event, we worried about beans and gas. I'm mean...they DO go together and yet, I can't remember any offenses. Granted we were out on the deck a lot and there was a fall breeze.

I think it must have kicked in later. ;)

Christine said...

I just made chili last night. Had it for lunch today.

How cool are those men!!!

Great fall memories!

Aussie Therese said...

oh I think we will have to try your husbands recipe sometime.

Jessica said...

How fun!!!!

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