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October 13th is the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima.

More about Fatima

First Saturday - What Our Lady asked for at Fatima and promised.

How quickly we forget.

I know the generation that lived through Fatima filled their churches, even met there on week nights to pray devotions like the rosary. They prayed the rosary at home with their families regularily because the miracle of the sun was a fresh miracle to them.

Time has dulled us. We practice our faith so little now in comparison.

We have lost our connection to Fatima, for the most part. Are First Saturdays promoted? Are our churches filled for rosary devotions weekly? Are we more genteel in our speech and manner, or do we blaspheme more, speaking crassly of holy things? Are churches filled for Sacramental Confessions monthly as she speaks of? No, but everyone receives....

Our Lady spoke about how fashions would be coming that would offend God and that we are not silent enough in Church. We NEED a spirit of reparation.

We NEED Fatima. Read everything you can about it.

Let's make it fresh in our hearts so that we are not ungrateful for such a miraculous event and the guidance it was for our lives. Let's pray that our Priests, led by our Bishops speak about Fatima to us all the time, reminding us.

Let's be those kind of Catholics again and renew our faith. Let's do more rather than less.

AMDG! Pray for me, I'll pray for you too.


Therese said...

What a beautiful post! I just said the other day (on Margaret's blog)that I felt the Blessed Mother calling me to pray the rosary more often. I will definitely pray for you-please pray for me!

Sarah - Kala said...


Jamie said...

What a beautiful post, great job JMJ!!!

Sarah said...

I printed out the two articles, so that I can read them in my spare time ... I have wanted to know more about Fatima and bought a book, but it was a little too *academic* for me ... I heard recently that Fatima is more applicable to TODAY than it was in 1917. So, yes indeed, we need Fatima! Mary came/is coming to us for a reason, I think. She is trying so hard to help our world convert and draw closer to her Son! Yet, why aren't we listing to her??? She is our mother!! Thanks for the encouraging and challenging post! Excellent!!

Cheryl said...

This is so wonderful Allison! I just ordered a book from the Fatima Family Apostolate called First Saturdays by Fr. Robert Fox. What a great little book!!!! It is so true about First Sat. Masses never being offered. There is no more sacrafice or reperation anymore. Thank you so much for posting this!!! Oh by the way have you looked into the Akita apperation? People say that the 2 are linked, we are going to TRY to go before we leave Japan.

Nancy Shuman said...

A wonderful, much needed post! Thank you!

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