The Pope is trying to lead ...will YOU follow?

From A Helping Hand, thank you for sharing this!

Has reverence for the TRUE PRESENCE of Christ in the Eucharist increased since Communion in the hand or decreased? Polls say only 25% of Catholics believe.

Casualness brought in more casualness. Yes, the slippery slope.

Communion is supposed to be RECEIVING. I TAKE potato chips out of my hand.

Should Communion be a time like any other????


It should be the MOST sacred thing we do, the most humble...a moment like no other.... marked in difference in our thoughts and posture! Doesn't He deserve it?

I'm crying.

God bless Our Pope, The Vicar of Christ on Earth LED by the Holy Spirit!

Lex Orandi, Lex we pray, so we believe. Let's behave reverently to signal a return to reverence in our belief, the belief in the Eucharist as the Source and the Summit!

The Pope is trying to lead, will we follow?? Or, will we put our will ahead of his guidance? Doesn't the church teach, doesn't Jesus teach, that we should mortify our wills....


kimberly said...


I love our dear Papa!! What a beautiful and fearless way to proclaim the True Presence...

Thanks for posting this, AG...I'm forwarding the video via email to friends and family...

Gae said...

You are a great inspiration.
I have just passed on the "True Heart" award to you on my blog.

I love reading your faith building post especially.

God Bless

Donna Marie said...

Thank you for this gave me chills...I LOVE the reverence shown when people kneel and receive on the tongue...sigh!

Sarah said...

Love this. I'm glad you're getting it out there to a wider audience.

We all need to show reverence. Amen!

regan said...

this issue is very dear to my heart, allison. i am so glad that you posted it. i recently read some very interesting literature regarding this, while preparing for my vbs class. i wanted so much for the children to understand why we receive our Lord in this manner. i really wish this "practice" would be MANDATORY. no questions asked. that way people wouldn't have the option. period.

Sarah said...

We are so blessed to have this wonderful pope! I am grateful that he is doing such things ... and with such love and gentleness, yet without a question, also with authority. "At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bend." Why then are we approaching Him and receiving Him so casually in the Eucharist? I pray that the hearts of Catholics around the world, especially here in the U.S., will be softened and opened to the Truth, especially when it comes to the Eucharist. Thanks for posting this!

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