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The wonderful priest at the recent Catholic Homeschooling Mothers retreat I went to asked us to consider, "How can we support the Holy Father's initiative to encourage the Latin Mass in his Summorum Pontificum Motu Proprio?" Father Z notes there are many who see this as the Holy Father's way of reclaiming our Catholic Identity, a marshal plan....brick by brick.

From the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament,
Missa Cantata High Mass in the extraordinary form for Good Shepherd Sunday.
Sun 4/26/09 8:00 AM ET / 5 AM PT
Mon 4/27/09 12:00 AM ET / (Sun) 9 PM PT

"Most Catholics have not seen this heavenly celebration in over 40 years," said Father Calvin Goodwin, a professor at the Society's international English-speaking seminary (where training took place) located in Denton, Nebraska. "We are very excited to help EWTN and to support the Holy Father's call for a wider presence of this form of the Mass. This is a cause for great joy."

For more photos and the story of the 3 EWTN priests who have been training and will pray the Mass in the Extraordinary Form, go HERE.

Referred to as "The most beautiful thing this side of heaven" is the identity of the Catholic Mass up until the last 40 years.

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Christine said...

Have a good weekend JMJ. I am thankful today for your blog that keeps me on my toes. If Pope Ben. wants more Latin Masses then lets have MORE. He is a great leader of our faith.

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