What grade would you give?


Suzie said...

I tried the link and couldn't get to a poll - could be a problem on my end, though. I also went to the msnbc website, but couldn't figure out which poll you were referring to in your post.

+JMJ+ said...

Here's the link I voted on


Maybe they couldn't take the way the results were going?

Christine said...

I would give him a very low F! But hey that's just me.

JMJ..please email me. I lost your email and I would love to answer your question. (regarding my life story) It involves my dad and I know my step-mother reads my blog and I would not want him to hear what I would have to say. Let just say it involves Fathers staying in their children's lives.


Sarah (JOT) said...

I couldn't get there either. I think you're right - their worst fears were revealed and they took it down.

Leticia said...

I gave him an F when I voted, but since he made fun of the Special Olympics, I would have him expelled instead!

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