In honor of the month for St. Joseph

From Women for Faith and Family we read...
Pope Pius IX placed the whole Church under the Patronage of Saint Joseph in 1870.
In 1989, Pope John Paul II reflected deeply on the life and witness of Saint Joseph in Redemptoris Custos "Guardian of the Redeemer" (q.v).

Among the saints known to have had particular devotions to Saint Joseph are Saint Bernard, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Gertrude, Saint Bridget of Sweden, Saint Alphonsus and Saint Teresa of Avila.

In 2005, Pope Benedict XVI said that in a world which is "too noisy, and does not encourage reflection and listening to the voice of God", Christians should "allow themselves to be 'infected' by the silence of St Joseph".
Also humble, St. Joseph dedicated his whole life to the interests of Jesus - an example of faith, trust, he was obedient to God's call. I have prayed that the men in my family reflect St. Joseph's character to...
- Protect the unborn
- Be unselfish husbands/ Authentic fatherhood
- Serve God and His Church/ hard-working providers
- Devote themselves to The Blessed Virgin and the chastity of their vocation

No great words or deeds necessary as the Bible in Matthew 1 :18 notes. Just an example of holiness in being lovingly faithful, placing the Lord and Blessed Mother first. How could we not want our husbands and sons, our priests to not be JUST like St. Joseph?!
I hold St. Joseph dear to me and my family and have felt an affinity to him from very early on in my reversion to the faith. As a mother of 3 sons, I like to have our family watch this inspiring DVD on St. Joseph every March. (You can rent it at Netflix.)


Sarah said...

Oh, thank you for the reminder that the novena starts today!! My husband and I already talked about doing it ... I will print it out now, so we will be ready to begin tonight!

Kathy said...

Thank you for a great post. I will join you in a novena and I have linked to you to encourage others to join in, too.

Kathy said...

Thank you for a great post. I will join you in the novena and have linked to you to encourage others to join in, too.

Jamie said...

Last night I watched the Holy Mass on EWTN and the priest gave a super homily about ST Joseph and the need for him to be our children's role model. The need to bring him back. He was/is the man closest to Christ. This priest said when Jesus looked into the face of Joseph, he saw the Heavenly Father. It was really a great homily!

Christine said...

Thanks for the links! My son Joseph(his middle name) was suppose to be born on his the 19th...but that baby wanted out on the 14th....still that is his great great-grandmothers birthday and her name was Josephine.

Renee said...

Great post! Thanks for the DVD tip as I haven't heard of this video before. We love St. Joseph here too, the patron saint of our country in fact. Have a great day!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

I posted it to my blog for today :) Thanks so much for your wisdom and insights!!

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