Thankful Thursday ~ 100th day

This week we "schooled" our 100th day.

To celebrate, after our family holy hour for the Pope, we went out to lunch at our favorite, nearby, retro burger joint. The milkshakes are amazing too!

It's this guy's favorite place!

On the way home, there were some van hijinks! NOT the first time this has happened....pardon my language!

And so Dad thought it best to let a little cold air in the chill out the pandemonium...


Christine said...

Boy you have been busy blogging...I had a lot to catch up here!

um...your son has beautiful eyes! just a sweet compliment!

Yes...praying for our Pope everyday!

We celebrated at school also the big 100th day! Neat that you do that also!

Jenny said...

Mmmm...milkshakes....Happy 100th!!

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