God will not be outdone in generosity!

With the start of the FOCA novena yesterday, and the encouragement from a devout cousin to add sacrifice to these days of prayer, I posted the Saint Basket to offer up any effort that resulted in helping people find a companion Saint for the year.

With the response here, and on the Catholic homeschooling yahoogroups, I approximate picking almost 200 Saints in 2 days and typing so much that the "E" on my laptop has come off! :)

I am glad that God made me busy. I wanted this offering to have a sacrificial element.

I thought maybe the broken keys on my keyboard were...."interference." Happily, I laughed that "he" wouldn't stop me, or the saints from his home before his descent.

But it must be said that I often cry.

I cry because you all write the kindest things!! You share how these saints have deep connections to your needs, or your past, or your future. I am humbled by your enthusiasm.

I know we're not supposed to be surprised to see God working in our lives, it's what we believe. But when I read your God-incidences I am goosebumped at His handiwork, His nearness. He shows Himself and how can I not be awed?!

And I am reminded again...God will not be outdone in generosity! When you give, he gives back 100 fold!


Lisa said...

Allison, God bless you for your wonderful work in helping all of us strengthen our prayer life and devotion to the communion of Saints in this new year! I have so wanted to get closer to Our Lady, so I found it an incredible "God-incidence" that Our Lady of Lourdes was selected for me. Thank you again and may God bless you and your family abundantly!!

Jamie said...

Can I ask for you to pick for me on this post?

I was feeling, overwhelmed and actually thought I don't know if I can handle another thing to pray for/about...but ok, please pick me one.

God Bless you for doing this for so many people, oh, the blessings and graces that will flow from this act you are doing!

Kris said...

I put a FOCA novena counter on my sidebar to help spread the word and remind us to pray continuously.

I am the same way about mircaulous stories--I get goose bumps or I am brought to tears. His mercy and love are unending!

St. Faustina chose me after I read about you selecting her for someone else. I live in MA so I hope to visit the Divine Mercy Chapel this year.

God bless the wonderful work you do!

+JMJ+ said...

My dear friend Jamie - St. Vincent de Paul (Sept 27)

"You have as much need to be compassionate as the poor person has need of your compassion."
Pray for compassion.

SOunds like you have a kindred spirit for your companion. :)

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