Saint cake

10:41 PM
Our homeschool group had an All Saints Day party this weekend. We played Saint Bingo, Saint musical chairs and pin the flame on Saint Jude!
Pictured above are some tasty tombstones from our saint cake. Each child's dessert had a laminated holy card for their remembrance of the day.


~ Kat's blog ~ said...

That's so cool!!! Gosh. In our parish, there is only one other teen besides me and my sister's three boys and our singer guitar player has two boys. It's very sad. Our parish has shrunk a ton in the last 6 years. But with our new priest we are seeing some people come back, but still there are hardly any youth in our small parish


Shelly said...

now *that* is a great idea! I've got to make sure and rmbr that one!!

Christine said...

I love Saint parties! You homeschoolers have it together. Great job!

yum that cake looks good and I am hungry!~

Jessica said...

That turned out so great!!!! I *LOVE* it!!!

Jamie said...

What a great idea!! I like the pin the flame on St Jude too, cool game!

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