As golden to us as these leaves...

Was there ever a more lovely day?

After our Latin Mass for All Saints Day we continued our fellowship with a luncheon and a day outdoors. Father and the families watched the children explore and laugh and love each other's company.

Great conversation meandered for 4 hours as we sat on lawn chairs and soaked up the Fall.

In a movie version of the day there would be classical music and perhaps we'd all be dressed in Gatsby white, that was happening in my head... but the reality was even better!
Our friends are as golden to us as these leaves! The Latin Mass is a gift enough. But God, in His generousity, has given us amazing families to share it with!
Thank you Lindsay for organizing what will be at the top of my favorite days this Autumn.


kimberly said...

Such lovely images, such lovely memories...thank you for sharing a glimpse of what was most certainly a glorious day!

Marilena said...

i remember how energetic i was as a kid! i used to want to play in the fall leaves all the time:)

Christine said...

Nice to have friends to share a beautiful day together.

Praise God for all the good in your life.

You are blessed.

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