More information he won't provide

4:37 PM
No American birth certificate, no records from Columbia University, and now more information he won't provide and again the mainstream media turns a blind eye to...

Obama Campaign Silent on Health Care Plan Including Tax-Funded AbortionsWashington, DC (

-- While some Barack Obama backers are hoping to provide cover for his pro-abortion positions by saying he will advocate better health care, the Obama campaign is coming under criticism for refusing to say whether his governmental health care plan will require Americans to pay for abortions. Obama, who supports unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy for any reason, is promoting a health care plan that would mandate employer-sponsored health care and use targeted taxes to socialize medicine for low-income families. Although the plan is clear in some respects, it is hazy vis-a-vis the abortion question. John McCormack, a writer for the magazine Weekly Standard, hoped to resolve the question recently. "During a campaign conference call about health care yesterday, I asked Obama-Biden surrogate Gov. Kathleen Sebelius if Obama's health care plan would mandate coverage for all legal abortions," he writes. "I really don’t know the specifics of that," Sebelius replied. "An Obama-Biden spokesman told me via email that he'd find an answer to my question. But subsequent emails and phone calls in the past 24 hours from me to Obama-Biden spokesmen have gone unanswered," McCormack adds. "Apparently the Obama-Biden campaign doesn't think it needs to provide basic factual information about their candidate's health care plan. " Full story at

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Shelly said...

I just don't get this country of ours sometimes! This guy infuriates me, but even moreso, the peeps who'd put him in office! Dont even get me started on the Catholics who are pro-death!
my dad was just telling me yesterday -who goes to a parish close to us -[w/a great pastor!] that 2 of their deacons are dems and pro Obama [which is pro-death in my eyes] - I just can't believe that. I can't sit here and think of how many people they're leading astray b/c of their 'deacon status'.

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