Six turns 7

My baby boy, youngest son left 6 behind today.

Like his Dad said when toasting him tonight, "You became Six for me." Perhaps it was because this boy is something else, his own storm of boyhood. Also, the Brother's from the Alliance of the Two Hearts always called him "six". When he was introducing himself to them instead of saying his name, he said, "I'm six." It stuck.

And Six he was.

His Popsy stopped down with the present he and my mother planned on, a set of golf clubs and then the boys were off for 18, followed by mini-golf! He's a natural and says he loves golf best.

For dinner, he chose grilled steaks and corn on the cob with sparkling cider champagne.

St. John Chrysostom, golden-mouthed preacher, pray for my son who his Father also noted in his toast, "has us looking forward to 7." Because when you live as FULL-ON as this boy, YOU define the name, the name doesn't define you!

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Renee said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Golf clubs, Yeehaw! And a golf net too? Wow, on your way to the pros. :-)

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