Laura Berquist and the Latin Mass

On googling "Laura Berquist and Latin Mass" I found that she has written articles for Latin Mass magazine. (This is just one from 2001)

Regarding a book teaching children about the Latin Mass, Laura Berquist gave this review.

"We want our children to love the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Love proceeds from knowledge: YOU CAN ONLY LOVE WHAT YOU KNOW. The Catechism teaches us that our purpose in life is to know, love and serve God. It is only if you know God, that you can love Him. In The Mass Explained to Children, Maria Montessori gives young readers the knowledge from which a love for the Mass can grow." -Laura Berquist, Homeschool Specialist

A friend of mine who teaches at a MODG co-op school spoke with LB at Virginia's IHM conference and she relates that there may be more about the Latin Mass in the curriculum in the future as our Pope has made it known that he would like the Latin Mass in every parish.

Not surprising that the creator of Mother of Divine Grace Catholic, CLASSICAL curriculum appreciates the historical Latin Mass and supports it through her writing.

When you know the Latin Mass, just like knowing your faith...fear-doubt-and uncertainty no longer cloud perception. The Mass, and our Pope's writings on it, should be embraced by Catholics. Our Holy Father believes both Masses are valid and he is the Vicar of Christ on earth. He has worked hard to encourage the beauty of the "old Mass" to be welcomed into parishes. Should we hesitate... complain... or fill this prescription for our soul from this holy man and spiritual advisor we look up to?

Readers, I have often heard that Dr. Clark of Seton attends traditional Masses as well...perhaps Byzantine...can you confirm?


Christine said...

I just wish we had 24hour adoration at our parish.

You have passion for our faith and you are on fire with the Holy Spirit. I love that about you.

Marilena said...

my husband frank has a new catholic blog! you may go to my post about it and click on in the post, cornelius's corner. feel free to leave him a comment:)

Dessi said...

I believe she attends Byzantine Rite Parish!!!

Nadja Magdalena said...

Great post. Speaking of homeschool materials for "traditional" Catholics, Pro Multis Media is having a sale now through September 15th on CDs and DVDs. I have the DVD "The Traditional Latin Mass for Children" (bought it full price, darn it!) and it's very good.

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