Beach reading

12:19 PM

Mater et Magistra is a great, Catholic homeschoolers "magazine". I loved reading it on the beach, especially Alice Gunther's article.

Google it.

I hope to finish Maureen Whitman's For the Love of Literature on the beach as well, but my back has seized up. How sad I will be if I can't enjoy all the family time at the seaside. If you have a moment to lift a prayer, I'd appreciate it. :)


Christine said...

Oh no. Back problems are no fun. I will say a Hail Mary right now!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you. Hope you and your family have a blessed time together.

Cecilia said...

Oh, are in my prayers. I sure hope you feel better soon! I also go that magazine and its a great reading..

Take care of yourself my friend!

Journey of Truth said...

Prayers said!

Alice Gunther said...

Smiling to read this! Thank you so very much!

Marilena said...

oh i know what having a seized up back is like!!! its incredibly painful. your in my prayers!!!!

Marilena said...

thought you might like this quote from st. rose of lima:

"Without the burden of afflictions
it is impossible to reach the height of grace.
The gift of grace increases
as the struggles increase."

St. Rose of Lima

Lindsay said...

Oh my, do you think dh's condition is contagious?! How awful for you both to suffer these back problems at the beach! I hope your boys are toting everything around for their invalid parents:)

+JMJ+ said...

Thank you all for your prayers! When I didn't HAVE to take the Advil last night, I knew your prayers were working. I think I am recovering.

Thankfully, my husbands back improved a bit down here, although I hope he's not going to see a reoccurence making sure I don't pick up anything! :)

Marilena, thank you for the lovely quote/reminder from St. Rose of Lima and from the beginning I knew I could offer this up for those who have asked for my prayers.

Lindsay, I keep checking email tos ee if you've delivered! I think of you often, friend! Our two bad backs are a bit comical to us at times, not so much to eldest son. But he has "manned up" so incredibly using his muscles and being a gracious help...sooo proud of him!

God bless you all!

Shelly said...

yep, I got my copy a couple wks ago. it's very nice.

hope you're feeling better ;O(

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