I find handkerchiefs charming.

I even like the word, handkerchief.

My mother had a drawer just for hankies in her dressing room, which she called her "boudoir". :) So many handkerchiefs! Each design was different and lovely.

She admitted that they were no longer used as much as once and allowed me to take quite a few that I liked best. Fascinated with their loveliness and gentility, when it came time for my wedding, my mother and I decided to make handkerchiefs our gift at the guest's place setting.

For every man attending the reception he had on his plate a masculine white hanky with his name embrodiered on it. For each lady, the same,but her hanky was very feminine with beautiful flowers embroderied into it as well. It was a very personal touch and not a common gift. My hanky from our wedding, along with my husband's has been under the glass top of our bedroom bureau. I hope our guests have kept them.

To continue this tradition, I have also continued to have hankies monogrammed for my sons. They make a great stocking stuffer at Christmas. My daughter shares some of my mother's lovelies with me, and I am holding aside a few with my mother's monogram on them for all her granddaughters.

Another way I have found to enjoy the hankies daily is as a window treatment. Above my kitchen sink
and in the 1st floor powderroom

they grace and soften my windows although I am sure there is a more creative way to do so. They do get noticed by visitors and I enjoy telling them that they were my mother's.


I do love the connections...to the past...to gentility...to family legacy. It's a reoccuring theme for me...to be the one that captures, retains and celebrates the legacies. I wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks, Mom.


kimberly said...

So lovely!! My little girls and I also prefer the gentility of the handkerchief over the crumbling mess that is the average Kleenex fished from the bottom of a dusty handbag. My littlest refers to hers as a "honkerchif" - I love it when little girls slaughter words, they do it so charmingly!

Leticia said...

I am one of the few people I know that, until recently, had a flowered hankie in her purse, right next to the mantilla and the rosary beads.

Cecilia said...

How beautiful.. You know, my husband was the only man I dated and still to this day, carries handkerchief in his pocket all the time, I thought what a gentlemen!

Jessica said...

That is such a lovely idea!

Creekermom said...

I simply LOVE the window treatment look!
I just moved and I think, I may borrow that look if I may. :)
I am on a hunt at some antique stores looking for them. :) The oldies are the best!

BTW, my DH, BIL, and FIL all carry handkerchief's

Thanks for sharing!

+JMJ+ said...

From the looks of this group, handkerchiefs are alive and well!

May we continue to hold dear to the sweetness of days gone by.

Valerie - I hope you do use the idea and take pictures. I'm sure it could be done better...perhaps over a rod that looks like a vine?

I wish you had some of your mother's hankies. God Bless.

Melissa said...

As a little girl I always thought of them as snot-rags. But some how over the years of my dad handing me his handky - struggling to find the perfect clean spot for me to blow or cry into - I learned to appreciate the gesture more than be grossed out by it. He still has quite the supply of handkies, and I know if given the opportunity he'd hand it over to me or my daughter with the same love as always. I myself only have my "Homer Handky" from the 198? Twins game. But I've already gotten a few for my hubby so he can start the tradition with our children.
-Thanks for sparking some memories!

Mrs. L said...

I love your idea that you gave them to guests at your wedding! I wish I thought of that! I also think the changes to your blog look great! God Bless:)

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