Blogiversary - one year! Prize give-away

8:48 AM
One year ago I entered the blogging world. ( First post - second post) Initially, I did so because I saw the blog as an electronic scrapbook and journal with which I could capture our memories and faith journey. It grew to be much more.
(My initial blog headline photo)

I thought if I had any visitors it might be our families, especially extended, who came to see photos and updates...but they don't visit my blog. In the last 365 days I have posted 215 entries. Sitemeter tells me I've had 12,502 visits (to date) and to you I say, "THANK YOU!"

You've been a constant source of tremendous support and friendship. What a gift it is to have "like-minded friends" all over the world (love to hear from my Aussie and British friends!) God bless you all, you inspire me with your blogs! There's a whole world, an incredible world of bloggers who have deepened my faith, taught me crafts, shared their joys and sorrows and made me laugh too. You all give hope to our faith, truly!

My blogiversay Something About Mary prize goes to........... Kimberly at Catholic Family Vignettes! Kimberly posted just about everyday this May with a post honoring The Blessed Mother, she was more consistent that I was!

If you're reading this and posted an entry about Mary during May, like Dessi, Cecilia, Marcie, Ebeth, Laura O and others...please comment with your mailing address, I have a gift for you too! (I will not be publishing your addresses.)

Here's to another year!


Dessi said...

hi cool a please keep bloging i love your post and i read them and some i reread at all times!!! It was nice seeing you!!!

kimberly said...

Happy blogoversary!

Just got back from Kentucky and what a pleasant surprise!

I must say, it's been a lovely year of getting to know you...I enjoy your blog and the lovely posts on the traditional Mass, not to mention your children are positively adorable.

Many, many more happy years of blogging...

Therese said...

Happy Anniversary.

I am glad you like your aussie comments. I love coming here and reading your blog. It is great to catch up with what is happening in your lives.

God bless

Laura O said...

Happy Blogaversary from our household! I love reading it all when I remember to check the site.

Here's to another year of blogging as you both chronicle and share your family's journey with the world.

Journey of Truth said...

Happy Anniversary!

Keep up the God work!!


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