I'm intoxicated....

....in the schoolroom no less! The heady smell of lilacs freshly cut from the bush out back this morning will most likely lead to my distraction today. I wish I could make the blooms last forever!

Have a fragrant day! :)


Christina said...

I could use some lilac intoxication this morning; lilacs are one of my favorite smells of summer.

Your post reminds me of the huge lilac bushes that lined our backyard in Maine, and we would also cut some fresh for the table. I need to plant a bush here, we don't have any around this neighborhood and what a shame.

Thanks for the reminder of these beautiful blooms!

Journey of Truth said...

Are you suggesting that my floral scented candles (Gold Canyon) are intoxicating me??? You'd be right. The real thing is much much better, but I have a cat who will EAT the arrangements. Expensive cat salads!!

This post reminded me of my grandparents lilac bush in their garden. Their garden was a HUGE, expanse of fresh veg, fruits and blooms. I really miss those days of helping in the garden.

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