Sensory explosion

5:35 PM
In love with Fall ...

Fall is a sensory feels cooler, the mosquitos are gone and the sunset are can smell burning leaves and sometimes pumpkin pies and turkeys roasting. The leaves look spectacular, orange, yellow, red and purple in my backyard. Sometimes they descend swirling like colorful confetti. When you drive they seem to run across the road. They crinkle crisp to the touch and rustle in your ears. A crackling sound and warmth comes from the fireplace again. The kids are playing hockey again in the street. The apples taste better, and pumpkins are in recipes. And it usually doesn't last too long so that makes it more treasured.

Here are some photos of our Fall that I will add to


Snow Mamma said...

Great use of words! I could feel, touch and smell every detail. Look forward to more pic's.

+JMJ+ said...

Thanks Krysten! And your new blog, is GREAT!

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