Fall tradition breakfast

6:56 PM
On the first Saturday in October my mother always made us Pumpkin Pancakes with Hot Apple Cider sauce. Now, I serve the same to my family. They look forward to it as I did, it's a harbinger of Fall. Yum.


Kelly said...

Oh, that looks so yummy! You need to share the recipes! LOL!

Kelly [from Heart of Seton list]

+JMJ+ said...

Oh it's so easy...I just add pumpkin puree/Libby's into the batter until it's very orange. Doing that eliminates the need for oil in the recipe. I like to add some pumpkin pie spices and maybe even a bit of maple syrup or apple cider into the batter.

For the hot syrup it is a combo of syrup and I suggest a thick one because otherwise it gets too watery. Why? because you add in a lot of apple cider and sliced apples to make it a hot, apple cider sauce.


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