Who Am I....24601! Les Miserables Homeschool Resources

"My soul belongs to God, I know 
I made that bargain long ago 
He gave me hope when hope was gone 
He gave me strength to journey on"


Years ago we took our oldest 2 children to our favorite Broadway play, Les Miserables.  Now the opportunity arose to take our youngest 2.  They had already grown up with an extended family that whispered the name Colm Wilkinson with reverence and sang songs from the musical incessantly. So we feared they may have felt let down by all our hype and a cast that was not the  one we knew....

But, the night was magical.  The city was vibrant, the weather temperant and 2 new fans were initiated.

In a homeschooling vein, to prepare them, we shared these resources. 

For background on Victor Hugo's Les Miserables - 

To place the piece in history, on a timeline -  

And this article on the Catholic themes in the story - 

Les Miserables: A Catholic Story


"The surprising response by the wronged bishop gives Valjean not just another chance at freedom, but another chance at life. He must choose to take or reject it. It is just the first of many harrowing moments in a production that makes no bones about it: The freedom offered by Christ is a freedom that means obligations, and you must choose it without knowing what those obligations will be. Valjean is elated and terrified; he realizes that to accept the forgiveness he is offered, he must give his whole life in return, and he must do so without any guarantees. A better life is possible, not promised. And he does not know how to be a better man."

"To love another person is to see the Face of God."

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